More to Being Ready for Kindegarten than Knowing Your Letters and Numbers: Part 2

Non Academic Skills Useful for Transition into Kindergarten Part 2

These skills are a continuation of the non-academic skills that were mentioned in yesterday’s blog.  Honestly assess your child, before he/she heads into kindergarten and if you notice that your child is weak in one of the following skills now is the time to work on them at home.

Responding to Routines

  1. Learns new routines after limited practice
  2. Moves quickly and quietly from one activity to another without individual reminders
  3. Reacts appropriately to changes in routine
  4. Cares for personal belongings

Conducting Oneself According to Classroom Rules

  1. Waits appropriately
  2. Lines up if teacher requests that he or she do so
  3. Sits appropriately
  4. Focuses attention on the speaker, shifts attention appropriately and participates in class activities in a manner that is relevant to the task or topic
  5. Seeks attention or assistance in acceptable ways
  6. Separates from parents and accepts the authority of school personnel
  7. Expresses emotions and feelings appropriately

(From:  S.E. Rosenkoetter, A.H. Hains & S. A. Fowler)


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