Choosing the Right Backpack for Your Child

We are seeing them all around us.  They creep into your favorite store when we aren’t looking.  Everywhere you go, school supplies are sneaking into the scenery.  As you and your child start to do back to school shopping, one major investment will be your child’s backpack.  Please take your time and choose a backpack wisely. Kindergartners will be taking their backpack to and from school 180+ days of the year so:

  • Look for durability– you would be amazed at how often each day backpacks get kicked, thrown, squished, and even have food spilled in them
  • Please, please no backpacks with wheels.  Most schools do not allow them as they end up causing more accidents when young children carelessly wheel them around corners and bump into teachers and friends.
  • Look for a large backpack. Small children usually choose large library books at school and the books have to be properly covered during all types of weather (Murphy’s law states the smaller the child the larger the book that is chosen from the library:)
  • Children gravitate towards fancy backpacks with lots of small compartments and lots of really tough zippers,snaps and buttons and although parents try to be practical, the child usually wins out.  Your child needs to have a backpack with one large zippered area and few or no small zippered areas. When children come to school with a note from home, Mom/or Dad has placed the note in the backpack but it often takes a 5 year old almost 10 minutes to check out every little buttoned, snapped, or zippered compartment before finally finding the note for the teacher. Remember, that most kindergartners can not zipper their own coats so chances are, the same will be true for backpacks.
  • Kindergartners like to take their work and scrunch it up into a very small ball in order fit into their very small pockets on their fancy backpacks creating frustration for the teachers who had hoped that the school work would make it home in one piece.
  • Finally, whichever backpack you and your child choose, please have your child practice opening and closing it several times before the first day of school so that your child will understand how all of the bells and whistles on it work.
  • Happy shopping!

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One response to “Choosing the Right Backpack for Your Child

  1. mary louise obrien

    Hello Claire, I wish I had sent home your comments to my sixth grade parents. So many children do need less to be more efficient. They do get frustrated with all the attachments, zippers that dont work, and too many compartments. One big compartment def. holds the folders and books more easily. I def. agree with having the students practice open/closing the zippered compartments. Your tips will surely make the childs day less frustrating. I just bought some back packs for charity and never thought about the extra compartments but did check all the zippers. Thanks again, love the blog. mary

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