Learning to Write Your Name

The ability to write your own name is a skill that we use several times each day.  We don’t remember how or when we learned to write our name, but we know that a very patient person taught us. Children will need to know how to recognize, and then write, their own names from the first day that they enter Kindergarten.  Children will find their names  labeled on  mailboxes, coat hooks, school supplies, nametags, clothing, etc. and children will be asked to write their name many times each day on every project or paper that they complete at school.  If you are working on helping your child learn to write his/her own name, PLEASE remember to use only 1 upper case (capital letter) for the first letter in the name and the remaining letters should all be lower case letters.

i.e.:         Mary is correct

MARY is incorrect

Please be sure that your child is holding the pencil correctly between thumb and forefinger.  In order to teach your child the correct formation of each letter, please check out this website:



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