80 Skills That Help Ease Kids’ Transition Into Kindergarten

80 Skills that will help your child make a smooth transition into Kindergarten.  80 seems like such a large number until you look at this list and realize that your child is already successful in many of these skills, and isn’t even yet in Kindergarten. Parents continue to worry about preparing their children academically to start school, when just as much consideration should be given to how emotionally prepared children are for the start of Kindergarten.  4500 nationwide Kindergarten teachers were surveyed about the skills that would be needed to transition easily into Kindergarten and a list was made from that survey. All 80 skills can be found on this website.  Is your child REALLY ready to make the transition into Kindergarten?




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3 responses to “80 Skills That Help Ease Kids’ Transition Into Kindergarten

  1. mary louise obrien

    Claire, once again a very informative blog. I went to the 80 things site and was amazed what children do know by K.Many parents will be pleased to see that their child is ready for kindergarten and also know a few things they can encourage before that special first day. Keep writing, mary

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