Blocks and Young Children

In this day of electronic toys, one of the basic toys that many parents grew up with is being pushed aside by other toys.  Wooden building blocks need to make a comeback.  Blocks are toys that provide children with interesting construction materials for designing and building.  Children learn about shapes, size, measurement, distance and many building skills.  Studies have shown increased language development in young children who regularly played with building blocks.

EarlychildhoodNews states that sometimes people avoid block play because they fear that it will get out of hand. A few simple guidelines can prevent that from happening. Here are some sample guidelines for rules for block play:

  • We build with blocks, not throw them.
  • You may knock down only the tower you build.
  • You may build as tall as you are.
  • We keep the blocks on the carpet.
  • We build away from the shelves and others.
  • We take only what we will use.

Preparing for Block Play

  • Make sure that blocks are sorted and neatly arranged.
  • Always categorize blocks neatly when putting them away.
  • Place them with the long side in view to make their size readily apparent.
  • Never dump them in a bin or tub.
  • Children will have difficulty finding the needed sizes when blocks are not stored in an orderly manner.
  • They will simply scatter blocks unnecessarily if you store them in a bin or in any disorganized manner.

To understand the benefits of block playing check out:

What are you waiting for?   Take out those blocks and watch the learning begin.


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