Hand Washing at School

School will be starting soon and more than likely your child will be using the school toilets.  More and more Kindergarten children are arriving at school without the basic knowledge of how to wash their own  hands.  We teachers know that most parents are assisting their children with hand washing at home, but at school, your child will be washing his or her own hands.  Now is the time to practice this skill at home each and every time your child uses the restroom and to encourage your child to wash without adult assistance.  Keep in mind at school your child will be using a paper towel dispenser so you might want to practice using paper towels as well.  Your child’s Kindergarten teacher will be forever thankful.




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2 responses to “Hand Washing at School

  1. Sydney

    Hi Claire,

    I am so happy to be able to share your site with my student teachers. The best advice comes from teachers! I wish I had found your blog last year. My son was in Kindergarten and would have been so helpful. I am an upper elementary person 🙂

    I hope you have a terrific year and I look forward to “seeing” you everyday!


  2. mary louise obrien

    I never realized so many things that children need to be able to do in kindergarten. There is so much independence required of them.Thankfully many parents help their child get ready. It sure does help to have some direction from an experienced kindergarten teacher.

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