First Library Card

As the daughter of a children’s librarian, getting a library card wasn’t a question, it was an expectation.  I still remember the excitement of finally being able to print my own name across the application form (although I printed so large it didn’t even all fit) and being handed my temporary card.  The thoughts of receiving mail with the ‘real’ card in it, took the excitement of the library card to whole other level.  The librarians at the desk told me I could check out books that very day using my temporary card.  Wow! I practically ran to the children’s room to start shopping.  I won’t tell you how many years ago that day was, but the fact that I still remember it means that it obviously had a lasting effect on me.  ALL children need to have their own library card.  What a wonderful, not to mention free, way to enjoy books, music and movies. Choosing their own books help children:

  • Feel responsible
  • Realize that books are lifelong friends
  • Learn to read
  • Encourage imagination

Good readers make more successful students at school.  What are you waiting for?  If your child can write his/her own name, get out and get that library card today!



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3 responses to “First Library Card

  1. Your post brought back vivid memories for me of my first library card (that I got before I even started school or could read any words!) and I can even recall how the library smelled and how the library card felt in my hands. It was a special moment for me and it was one of many things my parents did to help foster a love for reading.

    It worked — I just moved to a new house and I couldn’t believe how many boxes of books we had! And we DID get rid of a bunch before the move!

    The new neighborhood we moved into has a public library just a couple of blocks away — walking distance for me and my children — and I DO plan to take them there very soon to get their own card. 🙂

  2. kindergartenteacherclaire

    So happy to evoke such pleasant memories of your childhood. Good luck with your move to a new house. Being an military wife, finding the new library was always at the top of the list each time we moved to a new neighborhood. There is nothing like books!

  3. mary louise obrien

    Wow, I totally agree, that finding the library in any of my new towns, was top on the list. Even better , as Stephanie mentiond is the walking to the library. I too , many years ago remember getting my library card. Also, we were fortunate to have the librarian come to our school to talk about books, and then of course to introduce us to the summer reading program. I feel fortunate to live in a town , that still provides a summer reading program with many engaging activities. They even have weekly quizzes and prizes for adults. Great way to share titles.
    Any child will enjoy the ownership of a library card. Many libraries have a large limit on how many books you can take out. Also, it helps children be responsible about returning the books on time. Libraries have so many free programs for children, and internet availability for those who dont have it at home. The library is a different place than it was 50 years ago. We even had the bookmobile which was an added treat.
    One suggestion that I learnt as an adult, was that you dont have to fully read a book if you dont like it. Also, many children enjoy non fiction books. It’s ok to let them take out easy non fiction books as they are still learning . When reading non fiction books, you can just pick out the chapters that interest you.
    Enjoy the library and support the library in your town. m.

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