Kindergartners and Bathroom Use at School

Many, many classroom ‘accidents’ could be avoided during the first few weeks of Kindergarten if parents talked to their children about using the bathrooms at school. Classroom bathrooms are easy to use, but can be frightening for 5 year olds.  They are usually large and not as pretty as the bathroom at home.  The biggest complaint that the children make about the bathrooms is that it is loud when you flush. There are no rugs or towels to absorb sound so this type of bathroom is very new for our young  Kindergarten children. Please speak to your incoming Kindergartner about the bathroom in his/her classroom.  Take a look in the bathroom at your school’s Open House and talk to your child about how to use the bathroom on his/her own.  Please check that your child knows how to button/unbutton, zip/unzip his/her own clothes.  Fancy belts look nice, but believe me, they cause a great many ‘accidents’ because they take a great deal of time to fasten.  Most of the sinks at school are not in the actual bathroom, but are located outside of the bathroom door, so remind your child to always wash his/her hands after flushing.  Talking beforehand about many of the new situations that will occur in Kindergarten will help not only your child’s anxieties, but yours as well.


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  1. mary louise obrien

    teacher Claire, another great piece of advice. I never thought children would be concerned about the noise of the flush. I have heard that children often wont go all day, because they dont like the bathrooms. That does cause lots of problems down the road.
    Thanks for all the tips for parents. Planning ahead of the first day of school sure settles many children’s minds. Parents often forget the length of the bus ride home to and fro to school. mary

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