Memory Game with Photographs

Memory games are challenging and fun for young children.  They are a great mental exercise for young and old alike.  You can buy memory games at the store or you could make your own with family photographs.  That’s right, with pictures of your family.  The next time you print out pictures, print out doubles of your favorite family snapshots and let the fun begin.  Place the doubles of all of the photos on the table, turn them upside down and start flipping.  Your child must use his/her memory to remember where the matches are and at the same time learn the names of relatives that you may or may not see on a regular basis.  (You could also print out doubles of just about any of your pictures and use the photos to create several different variations of the memory game.) Have fun!  for some free online memory games, try:


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  1. mary louise obrien

    Great idea! We all , whatever age, need to keep our memories active. What a great way to keep little ones in touch with the relatives and friends they see sporadically throughout the years. You have so many helpful hints . m.

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