Open House/Orientation for Kindergartners

Schools are preparing to open their doors for another school year.  Many teachers are now in their classrooms making it look perfect to welcome this year’s group of Kindergarten children. Open House or Orientation is coming and this is your time to take your child into school and walk around and get familiar with the building.  You should take the same path into the building and down to the classroom that your child will take every day.You and your child will be able to go and meet his/her new teacher and you will be able to explore a little in the new classroom.    This Open House (Orientation) is a MUST attend for both students and parents.  There really are no good excuses for not going. Children and parents who are unable to attend Open House (Orientation) truly miss out on a very worthwhile event.  The sole purpose of Open House (Orientation) is to help calm the first day of school jitters, for both children and parents.  Coming into the classroom for a brief visit will help to relax your child (and you) when the first day of school arrives. On the first day, you will be able to remind him/her about what his/her new teacher looks like, about the wonderful and exciting materials and toys that you saw in the classroom, and about new and old friends that he/she will be seeing at school.  Please find out when your child’s school is having Open House (Orientation) and mark your calendar to be there!


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  1. mary louise obrien

    There is nothing like a walk through to calm everyone’s nerves. m.

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