Open House…What It Isn’t

By now you and your child have marked your family calendar and are anxiously awaiting Open House/Orientation at school.  Keep in mind that teachers are just as excited about meeting you as you are about meeting them.  I just want to remind you about what Open House isn’t.  It isn’t the time to have a parent teacher conference about your child.  Your child’s teacher will be introduced to many children (for me it will be 60)  and many family members during this short time, so when it is your turn to say ‘hello’ please keep in mind that others in the room may hear what you are saying.  This is the time to briefly have your child say hello to the teacher, but if you as the parent have specific concerns about your child that need to be discussed in detail, please schedule a private conference for a time that works for both teacher and parents in the very near future. Private conversations would include: anxieties that your child has about new situations, bathroom issues that might affect him/her during the school day, medication that needs to be taken daily, or if an allergic reaction occurs at school, family troubles at home that might impact your student’s learning at school, how you feel your child learns best, academic preparations that you have given your child prior to Kindergarten, etc.  Your child’s teacher will be assessing him/her during the first quarter to get a baseline of his/her readiness skills and you will be told at the first parent conference the goals that have been made for your child.  Have fun at Open House, but if you need to schedule a separate conference, please do it.



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2 responses to “Open House…What It Isn’t

  1. mary louise obrien

    what a great suggestion to parents and new students to enjoy the experince of Open House. They might even meet some of their own classmates. Seeing the room and meeting the teacher will add to the comfort level on first day of school. m.

  2. Elaine Lewis

    Good ideas!

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