Setting Up Play Dates for Your Kindergartner

Once school begins for your child you will want to meet parents of your child’s classmates and start to schedule play dates for your child. In preschool it was easier to meet the other parents since you saw most of them every day at school.   Now that your child is in elementary school it is a little harder to meet those other parents but you can do it:

  • Most schools have an active PTA or PTO which you should join so you can meet other parents and become an active participant and perhaps a volunteer  in your child’s school
  • Some classes send out a roster that included all of the names and phone numbers of the children in the class which can be used for setting up play dates and sending out birthday party invitations (be sure to check with your child’s teacher in the event that you do not wish to be included on this class roster)
  • Some schools make a directory of all families in the school, again to be used for play dates
  • Once the school year begins, please encourage a play date for your child as soon as possible.  Children need opportunities to just ‘play’ and they should practice playing with another child that is about the same age.
  • Ask your child who he/she sits next to at school, or talks to, or rides the bus with, or plays with, etc.  You might have to do some detective work to find out the names of these children since learning names of classmates takes kindergarten children a long time.  Your child’s teacher might be able to help you figure out which friend your child is describing to you.
  • If you are not comfortable sending your child into a home where you don’t know the parents, invite the Mom/and or Dad to come to your house with their child so that all parties can meet each other and decide if a play date will be a good idea for the children.  Or you could agree to meet at a public location such as the neighborhood playground.

This website gives some very useful tips on scheduling play dates for your children.  It is geared to single parents; however, the tips are perfect for any and all parents looking to set up play dates for their children.


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