Getting Ready for the Big Day…the First Day of School

The First day of school is fast approaching…Your child may be nervous and needs your reassurance now more than ever.

  • Tell your child stories about when you went to school.  Talk about school many times during the days and weeks leading up to the start of school. Listen to your child’s excitement, or fear or anxiety and offer reassurance about that first day.
  • Be positive and tell your child that school is a good place.
  • Read age appropriate books about the first day of Kindergarten.
  • Plan a relaxing day the day before school starts. Don’t rush back from a family vacation or other exciting experience.
  • Remember, dress for success!  Help your child pick out a comfortable outfit for the first day of school. (see my blog from August 15)
  • There may be children in your neighborhood going to the same school.  Get together with them and their parents so the kids will have a chance to get to know each other before school starts.
  • Visit the school before school starts. Visit the playground and look in any windows that might be on the ground floor so your child can see what a classroom looks like.
  • Make sure you go to Parent Orientation and that your child goes to Open House.
  • Promise your child a reward during the first week of school if they can give you the name or names of children that they met during that day
  • Fix your child’s favorite breakfast for the first day of school.
  • Place your child on the bus, but if you have to drive (that one day only!) be sure to make the drop off quick (see my blog from August 26)

Don’t be surprised if, even after all of your preparations, your child refuses to leave your side on the first day of school.  Crying can be a healthy way of coping in very young children, so stay calm!

Have a great first day of school!


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