Reading Stories Over and Over and Over and…

Children love to hear their favorite stories over and over and over.  You the reader, may tire of reading the same stories night after night, but your child maintains the same level of excitement and interest each time the story is read.  Children need to hear stories over and over again to become familiar with the characters and the story line, better comprehend the story and sometimes just hearing it again is pure fun. If there is repeated text (Gingerbread Man) that they can learn and recite as you read, they love it even more.  Chidlren enjoy interacting with the book and storyteller while they listen to a story.  We have to learn to respect our children’s choices in reading although they may not always be what we would have chosen for them.

Here is a website that lists 100 books every child should hear before Kindergarten.  If you haven’t read all of these books, don’t worry, you still have time, even after school begins.


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  1. mary louise obrien

    Kindergarten Teacher, Claire, I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the list of books that K children love to have read to them. It is amazing that I used to read these as ‘quick” read and discussion starters to 6th graders. The students were just enthralled hearing their favorite stories and reminiscing of the times they were read to. The Tacoma library site also had a book, that I downloaded with finger songs and easy songs for preschools. Keep the ideas coming. mary

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