Box Tops for Education

Looking for a no cost way to support your school.  I have an easy way for you and your child to support your local school.  It is called Box Tops for Education!  When you go grocery shopping look for items that have this coupon on it:

This site will list products (that you most likely already have on your pantry shelves) that feature this Box Tops for Education coupon and who support the program.

It is a simple program where parents cut a coupon off the top of a product that you buy at your grocery store. Most elementary schools encourage children to bring in these coupons and often sponsor competitions in the school to see which class brings in the most coupons.  For every coupon brought in your child’s school receives $.10.  This may not sound like much but when you add up thousands of coupons, that is lots of free and easy money for school.  Check with your child’s school to see if they collect Box Tops for Education and start clipping! (get Grandma and Grandpa to help out also) If your child is in preschool, start clipping now and be ready with a bag of box tops to give to your child’s Kindergarten teacher next year.


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