Planting Flower Bulbs with Your Child

Fall is a great time to be outdoors with your child.  Nature is putting on quite a show for us and it is a wonder to behold.  The weather is cooler and encourages us to spend more time observing nature.  Many families are thinking about putting their garden/yard to sleep for the winter.  You are busy working and raking leaves, while your child takes great glee in ruining your work by jumping into huge piles of leaves!  Capture your child’s interest in the yard by stopping to plant some spring flower bulbs.  Your child will have to master the art of patience while waiting for the flowers to bloom, but you will all be rewarded in the spring by quite a show of blooms.  Have a family meeting, discuss what types of flowers you want in your spring garden and then visit your local gardening center to buy some tulip, daffodil, hyacinths or other spring flowering bulbs. Come home and decide on ‘the perfect spot’ for your project.  Bulbs are pretty resilient to all types of soil so you should be in luck planting them in your garden.  The one tool that is most useful is the bulb planter, see below. This is a wonderful tool because you push it into the soil to the exact depth that is needed to plant a bulb.  How wonderful is that? It takes all of the guesswork out of the process for you.

You could extend and enrich the planting, by taking pictures of the purchase, planting and arrival of the flowers in the spring.  Your child could make a journal and draw pictures or write about the process of the purchase, planting and arrival of the flowers in the spring.  Your child could estimate how many days will it take for the flowers to grow. Your child could monitor the garden spot and give weekly reports to the family about what is happening…there are endless possibilities of how you could help make the waiting time more educational.   The next time you are at the Home Improvement Store or anywhere bulbs are sold, but a pack or two and the science lesson will begin.

P.S. The pointed side of the bulb goes up!


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  1. mary louise obrien

    TEacher Claire, even adults like me like the joys of spring when they arrive. Yet , I often forget what I planted and where. The squirrels do manage to move them too. It is a great activity to do with children and so many follow up activities to do also. Reminds me to get the bulbs and plant right away. dont forget to water the newly planted bulbs. Thanks for the garden reminder. mary

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