Learn to Wait Rather Than Interrupt

Young children live in a universe where all revolves around them. When they want you, they want you…now! Interrupting comes with the territory. Many children are taught to politely say excuse me, but then without waiting, go right ahead and start talking just the same. Kindergarten teachers  usually spend September teaching children that there are many ways to get our attention and being slapped on the thigh is not one of them. Don’t laugh, at least half of the incoming Kindergartners try slapping, tapping, poking, pushing the teacher to get his/her attention. We teach children that there are many other children in the class wanting and waiting to also talk to us so they must learn to wait. It would be helpful if at home you practiced having your child wait to talk to you when you are talking with another person or family member. In school, children are taught to raise their hands and not yell out, but children are expecting an instant response to their question or need and have to learn to wait. Learning to wait takes patience and a little maturity but we work on it every day. Please help your child’s teacher by working on this skill as well at home.


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  1. mary louise obrien

    KIndergarten Teacher Claire, never thought ‘waiting your turn” needed to be taught. I realize that it does and the more that can be practiced at home will help the frustration level at school. Obviously children learn that an emergency ( and examples given ) are acceptable times to interrupt, but not with a poke or grab on the teacher’s leg.
    Take care, have a good week. Many parents dont realize the Big, ‘little ‘things that teachers teach , besides the academic/social skills. Keep up the intersting blogs. mary obrien

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