Every Letter Every Day – Learning Alphabet Sounds

In Kindergarten we teach and then review every one of the 26 alphabet letters every day.  We say every letter, every day. Some philosophies on teaching the letters and sounds revolve around learning a letter a week.  However, if you don’t learn the letter M,m until after January it makes it difficult to begin to write words with all sounds if you haven’t been taught all of the letter sounds.  We ask parents to review the same 26 letters, pictures and  sounds that are used at school at least once a day at home with their child.  All you need for this method is a pack of alphabet letter flash cards.  We keep our letter flash cards in order for the first nine weeks of school, so the review would go like this, Point to the letter, then point to the name of picture that begins with that letter, and finally make the alphabet sound itself.  Here is a site where you can print a set of flashcards to use at home if you are not able to obtain the same cards that are used at your child’s school.http://www.beginningreading.com/Color%20Alphabet%20Worksheets.htm

For example:  A, apple, aaaa, b, boy, bbb.

Children will learn their letters and sounds when they are developmentally ready.  No amount of drilling from the parents or teachers will make it happen before its time, but the key is to your child being ready for reading and writing, is for us to provide the foundations that need to be in place before reading or writing. Even if your child knows all of the letters by looking at them and naming them, learning the letter sounds and then being able to use the sounds in phonetic writing is the next stage of development.  It all starts with 26 little letters.  Start working with your child now to reinforce what is being taught in Kindergarten; all you need are 26 alphabet letter flash cards.


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  1. mary louise obrien

    It surely makes sense to introduce all the letters/sounds/pictures at the same time. EAch child will learn them at their own pace. At least they will be exposed to them, not waiting to find out what letter is coming in two weeks. Good ideas. Changes in the way letters are introduced is surely an improvement over teaching years ago. Most children will be happy to go through the pack and show off their knowledge to their parents. great ideas, mary

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