Be Good at School

What is the last thing that most parents say to their children before they head out to school?  “Be good at school!”  Famous last words.  Parents know exactly what they expect from their child by reminding them to ‘be good.’  The problem is that most 5 and 6 year olds have absolutely no idea what mom and dad mean when they say ‘be good at school.’  Ask your child what he/she thinks you mean when you say ‘be good at school’ and see what kind of answers you get.  You may be surprised that your child doesn’t understand your directive as well as you think he/she should.  This weekend, take a few minutes to lay out for your child your expectations of his/her behavior while at school.  Tell your child EXACTLY what you expect from him/her while he/she is away from you:

  • Try and do your best work at all times
  • No matter what other children are doing, follow your own head and do what you believe to be right
  • Play nicely with the other children
  • Follow the rules at school
    • Talk when you are allowed to talk, listen when you are supposed to be listening
    • Listen to your teacher at all times
    • Your teacher will only say the directions once…Listen the first time
    • Do what the teacher asks of you at all times, even if it is something that you may not want to do
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself (even on the bus)
    • Listen to the bus driver and stay in your seat at all times while on the bus
    • Be a good friend and others will be a good friend to you

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  1. mary louise obrien

    KInderg. Teacher claire, These are great suggestions for children of all ages, right through high school. Children will feel proud of themselves when they accomplish these suggestions . Many of us dont realize that children need certain things spelled out right to them. thanks again. mary

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