Believe Half of What You Hear About Me, I’ll Believe Half of What I Hear About You

I received an email last week from a parent asking me to explain why her daughter had been sent to the principal’s office.  Hmm.  Sending a child to the principal’s office is the equivalent of saying “Wait until your father gets home and hears about this!”  As a teacher you lose the ability to be able to handle “situations” if you are constantly using the principal as a backup.  Now, having said that, if a child causes bodily harm to another, acts violently with scissors, uses inappropriate language, pulls the fire alarm (yes it has happened) or other behaviors out of the norm, then by all means we send the child to the principal’s office for ‘a visit.’  Most teachers, especially Kindergarten teachers, try to handle all situations on their own, so that the children realize who is in charge in the classroom.  So back to the parent with the email, I had to explain that no such incident occurred and this was obviously something from her child’s imagination.  This brings me to one of my favorite sayings that I give to parents. “If you believe half of what comes home about me, I will believe half of what comes to school about you!”  This sounds funny but it is so true.  Children come to school with so many stories about Mom and Dad that teachers could write books with the information that we are provided (without any prompting!) PLEASE, if your child comes home with a story that seems a little off, before you start worrying or getting upset PLEASE check it out immediately just to be sure that you as the parents have the story straight.


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