Deadlines Mean Deadlines..Even In Kindergarten

Deadlines.  They even occur in Kindergarten.  When your child’s teachers sends papers/forms home to be filled out and returned to school by a certain date, do it.  It’s that simple.  There is a reason for the deadline.  The teachers would like to collect the papers/forms from ALL of the parents and move on.  It may seem trivial to you to turn in the forms ‘a few days late’ but what it means for the teacher is that he/she must keep tracking you down until the papers are returned to school.  This is a waste of valuable teacher time.  Children in Kindergarten are starting to learn about responsibility and getting items turned in on time is one of  the skills we stress.  It goes for parents too! Just today, my Kindergartners visited our school library where they were allowed to check out a new book.  That is, IF the child had returned his/her book that was checked out last week.  Again, it may not seem like a huge deal to you, but in the eyes of a 5 year old, when everyone else is getting a new book and the teacher has to explain that he/she can’t, it’s not a pretty scene.  When your teacher is collecting items from each child for a class project, help out! Don’t rely on ‘all of the other parents’ to do their share and yours as well.  You too can do it. Many notes, forms, and requests for special items will come home this year. Your child’s teacher and your child are expecting your help.  Give it and do not make the teacher track you down so he/she can do something special for your child.  Do you always honor deadlines and do what is asked of you the first time it is asked?  If so, you are a model parent and your child and child’s teacher are lucky!


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