Patterns in Kindergarten Math

Patterns are part of our everyday lives. Patterns are all around us wherever we look. There are patterns in numbers, words, colors, rhythms, nature, fabric, wallpaper, clothes, etc.  You can help your child by pointing out all patterns that you see in everyday life.  Shape patterns are the first patterns that Kindergartners will be learning.  Many Kindergarten teachers also use seasonal pictures to introduce patterns on the daily calendar in the classroom and the patterns will get progressively more difficult as the months go along.  We begin with two shapes or two pictures called a simple AB AB pattern.  Patterns help your child to make predictions by observation and to learn that patterns continually repeat themselves.  Believe it or not these patterning skills will help them understand algebra.

Your child can make patterns by:

  • Color
  • Sizes and Shapes
  • Patterns of fabric or tiles
  • Positions

Make a pattern and have your child copy.  Then make another pattern and have your child expand it or add to it. You will be able to see whether or not your child understands all about patterns. Have fun with patterns! The possibilities are endless.


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One response to “Patterns in Kindergarten Math

  1. mary louise obrien

    Thank you for all your recent suggestions. I also believe that so many things that are done in K must be reinforced at home. It isnt easy, but it will pay off.
    I also agree that there are so many aspects of math that start in K and many people dont realize it. Patterns are all around us and interesting to discover.
    Teacher claire, keep up the good work. I was behind and just read about 5 fantastic blogs. m.

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