Reciting Numbers is Different from Recognizing Numbers

It varies from state to state but most Kindergartners are expected to count and recognize the numbers up to 20 by December. Your child’s teacher will be able to give you more specific expectations for counting in Kindergarten for the school system that your child attends. By the end of the year, many schools expect Kindergartners to be able to count to 50, or even to 100, be able to skip count by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and count backwards from 20. Usually in the fall children are taught to recognize and write the numbers from 1 – 12. Keep in mind that just because your child can count by reciting numbers this does not mean that he/she can count with one to one correspondence. They are two different skills. Children often are able to count but do not fully understand that each number represents a specific amount. Lots of time is spent working on this concept in the early months of Kindergarten. Try to count with your child every chance that you get. Children can count all sorts of items throughout the course of a day beginning right in their own home. This gives them a chance to practice counting accurately with an adult to assist if mistakes are made in counting.


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