Why Is Rhyming So Important?

On my blog site, I am able to see what topics people are searching for on the internet and I can review how these people end up finding my blog.  One subject that is searched day after day after day is Rhyming and WHY is it so important.  I suspect that the reason that there are so many questions on rhyming is that during September most Kindergarten teachers are assessing their students to get baseline information on every child.  I also suspect that many Kindergarten teachers are contacting parents to request additional home support in the practice of rhyming and nursery rhymes and parents want to know why.  What makes being able to rhyme so important.  Most children should be able to recognize words that rhyme by the age of three.  Young children don’t really know what they are doing, but they love to play with words, listen for rhymes and create more rhymes and practice their thinking skills.  They even enjoy rhyming with nonsense words just to be able to play, explore our language and how our language works and although they don’t know it, they are increasing vocabularies. Another great site for learning a new Nursery Rhyme every week of Kindergarten is:


click on

Thirty Featured A-Rhyme-A-Week Units and Downloadables,

Once there you will have:

  1. A Rhyme of the Week Card for the Rhyme of the week (i.e., week 1  – Jack and Jill)
  2. Ill Picture Card Set (i.e., week 1  – pictures that rhyme with Jill)
  3. Ill Riddle Rhymes (i.e., week 1  – riddles that can be read to children and the children must identify a missing word that rhymes  with Jill)
  4. Lesson Plans on what to do every day of the week while studying the Rhyme of the week(i.e., Jack and Jill)


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2 responses to “Why Is Rhyming So Important?

  1. Thank you so much for this link. I am probably one of the people who found your blog by searching for rhyming. I only wish I had known about your blog a year ago (well, you didn’t write it then, so it’s not my fault, right?). It is a wonderful, useful blog and I hope you keep writing it. It’s already been a great help to me and my kindergarten student and her two younger siblings.

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