Schedule Down Time For Your Child

In today’s busy world, one can not say that 5 year olds do not have enough to do. The problem is that they often have too much to do. Ask any Kindergartner what after school or weekend events they have ona regular basis and they can tell you the times of their soccer practices and games, piano, baseball practice and games, football practice and games, girl scouts, swimming, gymnastics or any other event that they go to. Add into that the parents who pay for extra tutoring after school whether it is offered by a company or a private tutor. Wow! It is tiring to listen to the schedules that some of these young children have. I am sure that parents think that they are doing the best for their child and that excelling in any of these activities is well worth it. But is it? What is happening to your child when he/she becomes overbooked? Adults feel stress when there are too many demands on the 24 hours in any given day. Young children are no different although they may not be able to communicate that they feel overbooked. PLEASE be sure to schedule some down time every day for your child. He/she needs a chance to be a child. To play, to relax, to think, to explore, and hopefully down time does not involve sitting and doing nothing in front of a television set. I can not say it enough for all parents to hear, down time is just. NOTHING planned or scheduled to do. Give your child opportunities to explore using his/her imagination by playing with toys, reading books or just lying down and thinking about things. This down time may be awkward at first for a child who is used to mom or dad telling them what to do every minute of the day, but in time, this down time will become a cherished opportunity for your child to enjoy just being a child.


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  1. mary louise obrien

    Hi, I have am catching up on the last four days. What interesting topics. I think it will be very hard for parents to schedule down time for their children. I truly hope they will try very hard to do it.Children can not express their feelings in words when they are on overload. Most parents will see it in some sort of acting out or irritablity.
    Maybe as parents learn to accept down time for themselves, their children will catch on too.
    It is so important that children learn how to have some special time of their own. It is amazing what interests they will find in this time.
    YOur blogs this week were fantastic. Mary o.

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