Take An Exercise Break in the Middle of Doing Schoolwork

A recent research study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign says that when your child complains about doing homework, tell them to get up and get moving.  Children should do 20 minutes of walking or another moderate exercise before starting on school work or school projects. These children who incorporate a study break with movement into their day are more likely to perform well in spelling, math and reading.




Just ask any teacher what he/she does with a classroom full of children when it is raining and going outside to move on the playground is impossible. The teachers get the children up and moving by dancing, singing, moving, etc.  There are even times when the weather is glorious that a teacher stops what is being taught to get the children up and moving and invigorated and eager to learn again.  When you see that your child is tiring of any activity that you are trying to do with him/her, get him/her up and moving and watch the changes that will take place when you go back to the work.


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