Kindergartners Do Not Need Umbrellas

Kindergartners do not need umbrellas.  They may want umbrellas, but need, no!  Today it is raining where I teach and many Kindergartners brought umbrellas to school.  Umbrellas are dangerous in the hands of young children when they come to school.  These children are trying to handle a huge backpack and an umbrella which is a lot to ask of a Kindergartner.  Now trying to hold an umbrella upright over their head while trying to walk straight ahead while managing a full backpack and getting on and off buses is overload for little ones.  The simple solution is to be sure that your child has a jacket/coat to wear that has a hood on it and your child will always be prepared for a change in the weather and it will solve the problem of getting a wet head.


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One response to “Kindergartners Do Not Need Umbrellas

  1. mary louise obrien

    Good Point about the umbrellas. I know that many adults , including me, have a hard time with umbrellas . When the students have to deal with wind, that is another factor, too. thank you , mary

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