The Flu In Kindergarten

The flu arrived this week in my Kindergarten classroom.  We didn’t know when it would come; we just knew that it would. Even knowing that it is coming you can never be ready.  The arrival of the flu came quickly and it is starting to spread throughout my entire school just as quickly.  Parents, if your child is sick and you think that it might be the flu, please take your child to the doctor in order to confirm whether or not it is the flu.  Children with the flu are being asked to stay out of school for a week or longer.

If you send your child back to school without the confirmation of the flu from a medical professional, you not only expose your child to becoming more sick, you are also exposing his/her classmates to the same sickness that your child has.  Please parents, be aware of your child’s health and if he/she is complaining about how he/she is feeling, please take the time to listen.  If you work outside of the home prepare now for the possibility of a sick child by having a plan in place that will ensure that another adult will be able to care for your child when you are unable to.


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