Timing Is Everything At A Parent Teacher Conference

Most Kindergarten teachers and most Kindergarten parents are getting ready to meet at their first, or only Parent Teacher Conference.  The one thing that teachers want parents to know is: BE ON TIME for your conference and be considerate of your appointment and LEAVE ON TIME. We know that there is nothing that parents like more to talk about than their own children.  We love your children too, but time is precious at a parent teacher conference.  Tomorrow I have 22 scheduled 20 minute conferences.  When you do the math you realize that I will be talking for 440 straight minutes which will be more than a little exhausting.(followed by 30 more on Monday and Tuesday!)  If you see that there is no parent after you, that doesn’t mean that you get a 40 minute conference while the teacher waits for the next set of parents.  It means that the teacher planned a break to use the restroom, or get a glass of water so PLEASE be considerate and stick STRICTLY to your allotted time. Stay on topic about THIS child, teachers do not want to hear your compare THIS child to all of your other children.  This conference is about THIS Kindergarten child and no other! Your Kindergarten teacher has planned to share lots of your child’s work with you as well as results from standardized testing.  PLEASE do not stand the teacher up, we WANT to talk about your child and share his/her strengths and make goals together for the next quarter.  20 minutes go by fast, but if you are on time, together we can discuss more than you can imagine about your child.  See you at the Parent Teacher Conference.


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