Kindergartners Do Not Put Vowels In Their Writing

Many Kindergarten parents wonder why their child does not write using any vowels.  We should step back for a minute and remember that these young children are in Kindergarten and they are writing down their thoughts! Wow! What an accomplishment.  I encourage children to write and write and write some more in my classroom.  What I see from these developing writers are words made up of all consonants or mostly consonants.  This is normal.  5 and 6 year old children cannot hear the vowels in words; they hear only the consonants, so they write only the consonants.  You know that you can read what they write, you just want perfect words.  Well it isn’t going to happen, perfect spellers do not come out of Kindergarten, but children loving the writing process and not afraid of taking risks while writing will come out of Kindergarten.  If you are worried about your child’s lack of vowel use, don’t be.  It is totally normal and to be expected in Kindergarten.  Please encourage your child to write whenever possible and just sit back and marvel at the wonderful writing skills that are developing in your Kindergartner.


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