Strong Fine Motor Skills Are A Must In Kindergarten

Fine Motor Skills should be strong in Kindergarten.  Teachers can tell when your child needs a little extra help strengthening the muscles in his/her hand in order to be able to better hold a pencil, cut, glue, color, tie shoes or any other activity involving the hand. We do lots of cutting, coloring, writing, gluing, snapping, zipping, etc., etc in Kindergarten and your child’s hand must be strong in order to be successful in these activities. Many Kindergarten children cannot hold a pair of scissors correctly.  This surprises me, but many parents tell me that although they have scissors at home, they don’t allow their Kindergartner to use them for fear of what might get cut that is not paper:) Children should be allowed to use child scissors with an adult nearby to supervise.  Offer your child an old magazine and let them go with the scissors.  Maybe they could look for the letters in their name, or pictures that begin with a certain sound, or pictures about fall, or pictures that they like, the list is endless.  Once the pictures/letters are cut and scraps are cleaned up, your child could glue these pictures onto a paper and on another day try to ‘write’ the names of all of the pictures.  Kindergarten children should be cutting every day and when they do, we will all begin to see immediate improvements.



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3 responses to “Strong Fine Motor Skills Are A Must In Kindergarten

  1. Lucia

    I don’t agree with the popular opinion that kids need lots of cutting with scissors and gluing in order to develop properly. Kids can hurt themselves or others with scissors, and gluing is messy. What about lots of practicing handwriting and drawing with crayons or colored pencils? That is a lot more useful for developing fine motor skills and the kids learn to write at the same time.
    I grew up in a different country with a totally different education (school) system. We never used scissors in grade school. Well, I graduated with a Master of Science in Chemistry when I was 26, and had my Ph.D. thesis done by the time I was 30. I now work as a scientist. I turned up pretty good for someone who learned how to use scissors at the age of 8!

  2. kindergartenteacherclaire

    Hello Lucia
    You are right different countries ask different tasks of their young children as they develop. In American schools we do use scissors daily, it is safe for children and it is a wonderful skill for strenghtening fine motor. If you disagree with the use of scissors and your child is not allowed to use them in school he/she will miss out on the chance to engage in wonderful art activities and school projects. Congrats on your own education!

  3. Lucia

    Well, now you touched another subject. 🙂 Art!?!? Cutting out shapes or pictures that someone else drew (or in most of cases printed) and gluing them on a separate piece of paper is not exactly art. If all the students in one class are supposed to do the same “art project” by following their teacher’s instructions, that is not what art should be.
    The way art is done in today American grade schools and preschools is only a waste of paper. Think of the impact of killing all those trees only to strengthen fine motor skills?

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