Practice Is Needed When Learning To Be A Friend In Kindergarten

“Does my child have any friends?” “Who does he/she play with at school?”  These are popular questions Kindergarten parents like to ask at parent teacher conferences and the parents at this year’s conferences did not disappoint.  Many parents report that their child says that he/she has no friends at school.  This worries parents.  Kindergarten children have a very hard time asking friends to play with them.  They need to practice this skill often and you can help by teaching your child some simple skills about friendship.  You can help your child practice being a friend by arranging play dates or get togethers with the neighbors.  Your child needs to practice turn-taking, greeting a friend, choosing an activity, ending an activity and then how to say good bye when the play date is over.  You can help by monitoring this play date so that the next time you would like to plan one, your child will remember it being a positive experience.  5 and 6 year olds want to have friends and they want to be friends, they just need lots and lots of practice with the process.


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