When Your Child Invites You…Go!

We have been practicing the songs for one month now.  We have decorated the invitations and sent them home to our parents.  We have dyed pillow cases to make Native American Indian vests and dresses, and decorated patterns on our headdresses.  Tomorrow we will make Pilgrim boy and girl hats, string macaroni necklaces, paint our dyed pillowcase costumes and cut our feathers and put together our headdresses.  The show is going to be soon, will only last for 30 -45 minutes and the children’s excitement is escalating.  We have done all we can to prepare for our upcoming Thanksgiving Show for our parents and the one thing that is uncertain is how many parents will attend.  100% parental attendance would be wonderful! Parents, if you are invited to a show, recital, assembly, or a ceremony that will feature your child, GO!  Your presence tells your child that you love him/her very much and that you support all that he/she does at school.  We apologize for holding these small shows during the school day and we know that most parents work as well, but we have given you several weeks advance notice to rearrange your work or personal schedule and make a point to come and enjoy the show. All parents reading this, if your child invites you to anything….go!


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