Grocery Shopping With Kindergartners

Kindergartners can help with grocery shopping and learn valuable skills while they are at it. The next time you need to go grocery shopping enlist the help of your child and things will go smoother while you are at the store. Before leaving home ask your child to help you make a list of the items that you need. He/she can write simple text for items that you need and if there is time he/she can cut pictures out from the weekly flyer that you get from your grocery store. Once at the store give the list to your child and ask him/her to help you ‘find’ the items and then check them off of the list as you get them. This gives your child a mission while at the store and the time will go by faster for the child when he/she has a job helping out. Your child can count items as they go in the shopping cart and can be on the lookout for the next item on the list. When the shopping is done and you are back at home, although your child can not carry heavy items into the house, he/she can help sort and put away grocery items. Kindergartners can sort by food type, i.e., all cereals together, all canned goods together, all cold items on the counter so an adult can store properly in the fridge. If you put all of the dry goods on the kitchen table, ask your child to ‘put together the ones that go together’ and watch how wonderfully he/she is able to sort for you before you have to put all of the items away in the cabinet. Try it, your Kindergarten child is grown up enough to help out with family shopping while learning valuable life skills.


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  1. mary louise obrien

    teacher claire, catching up on recent blogs. As usual I find them so enlightening. I read things that I would never have thought of , esp some of the listening skills tips. Some things you just forget about and need gentle reminders.
    good luck with your preparation for your Thanksgiving show.
    teacher mary

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