Kindergarten Writers Need To Be Risk Takers

Not all children are comfortable taking risks. Various types of risks are found all throughout the daily life of a 5 year old.  Risks are found on playground equipment, in the social interaction of developing new friends, and in our school work in the classroom.  I want to develop risk takers this year.  I am looking for children who are not afraid to venture outside of their comfort zone and try something new.  Today we worked on our writing journals in my classroom.  The risk-takers will write and write, while the non-risk takers will only write a few words and stop.  I encourage all children to write and if they make mistakes, I want them to know there will be no reprimands. We just try again.  I teach my children to make an X over a letter, or word that is a mistake rather than erasing their errors.  Erasing becomes such an issue with 5 year olds and usually ends with a hole in the paper.  X’s are quick and enable the children to continue working without losing their train of thought. When your child is writing for you, encourage him/her to write more.  Non- risk taker children will write: “I went to the park.”    Risk- takers will write a more detailed thought even though they are not sure of all of the sounds that they will need.  Risk- takers will expand their writing by adding: Who did they go to the park with, what did they do there? Did they have fun?  When will they go back, etc. etc.  Teach your child to expand his/her thoughts in writing and do not accept simple text in their writing.  They can write more, they just need encouragement and positive reinforcement from us.



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2 responses to “Kindergarten Writers Need To Be Risk Takers

  1. thanks for raising me a risk taker. my future career also thanks you 🙂

  2. kindergartenteacherclaire

    yes little one, you are my risk taker and I am very proud of all of your risks, they pay off! :)MOM

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