Zip Those Zippers and Tie Those Shoes

The fall chill is here and many Kindergartners are wearing coats that they do not know how to zipper.  Parents, you spend a great deal of money on outer clothing for your child to wear in order to stay warm and healthy.  Please take another few minutes and work with your child on learning to zipper his/her coat.  It is mid November and Kindergartners should know how to zip their coats.  If you buy a new winter coat for your child, practice the zipping process again as those fluffy winter coats are hard to zipper and children need lots of practice. 5 year olds would rather leave the coat unzipped than to take the time to zip up properly.  Most Kindergarten teachers take their children out to recess every day unless they have been instructed by administration to stay indoors due to severe cold or rain.  Help protect your child even when you are not with him/her by practicing zipping now.  On another self skill note, Kindergartners should know how to tie their own shoes.  Many parents get around this by buying Velcro, but your child will eventually need to know the shoe tying skill.  I have heard that if you sit your child down and put a jump rope around his/her waist so that the two ends come out front, your child can practice tying this large rope before attempting to tie something small like shoes. Please practice tying when you are practicing zipping. Your child will feel grown up that he/she can perform these skills on his/her own and the Kindergarten teacher will be thrilled that he/she has one less child that needs help zipping and tying.


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