Your Child Can Say Thank You To A Veteran By Making and Mailing A Card

Today is Veterans Day.  We all know a veteran or two and even if you don’t it is time to say thank you to a service member.  We can teach our young children that Americans in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines are living far away from home, far from their families and sometimes get lonely.  5 year olds have the ability to make very cheerful and happy cards and looking at the art work of young children can brighten anyone’s day. My class made cards for Veterans today and they were very precious.  We didn’t talk about war, we didn’t talk about politics, the only direction that I gave to these children was to make beautiful pictures on cards to make someone happy who is lonely for his/her family. I told the children that the cards would be hung on walls far away and how excited everyone would be to receive one of our cards.   Wow, the art work began and it was beautiful.  The cards were being packed this evening into a package heading overseas and many ‘someones’ will enjoy the cards given from the precious hearts of 5 year olds.  Your child could make a card too! The American Red Cross has a program in place from now until December 7 and will screen, sort and distribute the cards to military hospitals nationally and overseas as well as to veterans and military family members.  Please teach your child about Veterans and encourage your child to say ‘thank you’ to a veteran by making a card and mailing it to:  Holiday Mail for Heroes, P.O. Box 5456, Capitol Heights, Md., 20791-5456.


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