Letter Reversals Are Part of Normal Development in Kindergarten

Kindergarten parents worry when their child writes letters in reversal. This type of writing is perfectly normal with 5 and 6 year olds. Please do not worry. Being able to take a mirror and place it against Kindergarten writing and then to be able to read the writing perfectly is normal. The right side and left side of the brain continue to develop in young children and are trying to figure out who does what and to sort out specific tasks and cannot, at this age, identify when letters or sentences are reversed. Be patient. This will usually work itself out. When you do notice that your child is writing backwards or in reverse, you might point it out to them but have your child continue on with his/her writing. The letters, b, d, p, q, g, are OFTEN confused with each other and Kindergarten teachers are used to this. It was explained to me once, that if you took a tube of lipstick and turned it on its side, it would still be lipstick, or turned it upside down it would still be lipstick, or turned it backwards, it would still be lipstick. Well, 5 year olds are no different. They are looking for something sane when they look at letters but If you take a letter b and turn it around it becomes a d, or turned it upside down it could become a q, or a g…this is VERY confusing for the developing brain. Your child needs lots of help figuring out b, d, p, q and g. Numbers often have the same problem; a 12 could be confused with a 21, or a 27 with a 72. Once again I say, be patient. This USUALLY sorts itself out, but if by the beginning of second grade your child is still confusing letters or some numbers, you might want to talk to a specialist at your child’s school.

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