Kindergartners Should Be Able To Fold

There are many items around your house that need to be folded.  Napkins for the dinner table, towels, shirts, pants, etc. Kindergarten children are able to learn to fold neatly. In my classroom the children have to fold their oversized art tee shirt when they come back from art class.  At first this was challenging but with much practice the children are getting better.  We also have flannel backed vinyl tablecloths that we use on the tables each day during center time and when we are done, the children are responsible for folding and putting them away.  The tablecloths are rectangular so the children have to learn to fold corner to corner.  They have learned and almost mastered this skill.  The next time you take clothing out of the dryer at your house, enlist the help of an eager Kindergartner who can learn to neatly fold items for the family.  This job will help your child realize that he/she is part of an entire family and that he/she has a responsibility to help out too.  It also will teach your child to take better care of the clothing in his/her bedroom if your child knows that all will have to be folded and put away on their own.


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