When A School Bus With Flashing Lights Stops, You MUST Too

Several times in the past few weeks I have witnessed cars rushing by a stopped school bus with flashing lights that was loading children.  This has happened on right on our school property.  We have two sessions a day of kindergarten causing Kindergartners to get off and on buses at the noon hour.  Parents of non-Kindergartners who are rushing to school to deliver a forgotten lunch, to pick up a sick child or to start volunteer hours, completely are ignoring the flashing lights and the small children near and on the buses. What are they thinking and what is more important to them than the safety of these young children?  To everyone who reads this, please be aware of all school buses that you encounter in your day and although getting stuck behind a bus in the neighborhood that is picking up or dropping off children slows us down, remember that all the little lives on that bus are thankful that we are safe and careful drivers.


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