Bedtime Mental Math

When your child is all tucked into bed at night, this is a great time to do some mental math.  Lie down beside your child and let the thinking begin.  Just say out loud, “2 plus 2” and tell your child to think and hold the answer in his/her head but not say it out loud, then continue to say now subtract 1…now add 3….now add 1….now subtract 2…add 5 more….. After each new command, be sure that you give your child enough time to think and remember the answer. When you are done, your child should be able to give you the correct answer.  This is a fun way to end the day and it helps your child with his/her math skills without the use of paper and pencil.  Give it a try tonight and for a fun twist on the game, have your child give you the problem and see if you both end with the same answer.


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Filed under First Grade, Kindergarten, Math

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