Kindergartners And The Thanksgiving Table

All the Kindergartners that I know are very excited about Thanksgiving.  They all know that they are going to eat turkey and lots of it.  They all know a little about the Pilgrims and a little about the Native American Indians.  Many are traveling to visit friends and family and many will have ‘sleepover’ guests at their house.  It is hard to contain this type of excitement but one thing that your child could do is to help set the holiday table.  5 and 6 year olds can:

  • make place cards for each person at the table (use a handprint to make a turkey, decorate it and add a name)
  • Decorate a paper placemat for each person at the table
  • Put a large piece of brown wrapping paper on the children’s table, add crayons and let the children decorate their own tablecloth
  • Count the utensils needed, find the appropriate number of forks, knives and spoons in the kitchen and place them where they belong on the table
  • Fold the napkins (more folding practice) and place the napkins on the table
  • Make a list of things they are thankful for and ‘read’ it at the Thanksgiving table, invite others to do the same
  • Most Kindergartners have learned many Thanksgiving songs at school, enlist your child to put on a show after dessert is served.

Children want to be part of the festivities and although it takes a few extra minutes to explain things to them, in the end, they will be much happier and you will enjoy all that they have done for you.


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