Which Children Do Teachers Remember Long After The School Year Is Over?

Teachers teach many children every school year.  I am teaching 52 children this year and when you think that I have been doing this for over 30 years..that’s a lot of children that I have taught.  I have seen every type of personality walk through my door and some types I see over and over again with each new school year just on different faces.  Some children come into school ready to learn and always do what they are supposed to do, while on the other extreme others come into school more ready to test the establishment and the school rules. I will say that the children that teachers remember long after they have left our classroom are not the children with the highest grades, or the ones who could ready chapter books before coming to Kindergarten, but teachers remember the children who are happy children, respectful of others and their teachers and are very good-hearted people.  Take a look at your child’s personality. Is he/she happy? (Believe me we don’t see this in every child) Is your child respectful of others? (I don’t see this in all children either) Is your child good natured and a good friend? (This isn’t a personality trait of all 5 year olds) If your Kindergartner is not happy, find out why.  If your child is not respectful of others, it is time to change that.  If your child is not good-natured, work on that and help to develop that personality trait.  If you want your child to be remembered by his/her teacher many, many years after leaving Kindergarten, take a good hard look at your child’s personality and start now to work on behavior and personality traits that may need to be fine tuned.


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