Keeping Routines For Your Child During The Holiday Season

Thanksgiving has come and gone and many families are now preparing for even more holidays in December. This is the time of the year when daily routines are difficult to follow as there are a limited amount of hours in a day. Even though you are busy shopping, cooking, rushing around or attending parties, remember that your 5 year old needs a routine now more than ever. School doesn’t stop in December but there is a marked increase in children coming to school tired due to late nights because of changes in routine. These tired children are cranky and not ready to learn. Please help your child be ready for school (and family) by:

• Ensuring that he/she has a bath and story at the same time every night

• See that he/she goes to bed at the same time each night

• See that your child gets up at the same time every morning

• Give your child three healthy meals and three healthy snacks every day

You know what your child is like when he/she is overtired and you try to get him/her to do what you are asking. Now imagine that same child at school trying to pay attention to the teachers. This is a very tough teaching month and an even more difficult learning month for Kindergartners. December is a good time to introduce play dates to your child. He/she has been in school over 50 days now and is learning the names of friends in the classroom. Find another parent that you can swap children with while each of you takes a turn shopping/cooking/wrapping without young children around. Everyone benefits from these few hours. Your child will enjoy playing with a friend and you will enjoy alone time to get your errands done.

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