Ask If You Can Share Any Of Your Holiday Traditions With Your Child’s Kindergarten Class

Many of our Kindergarten students and their families are busy preparing for the upcoming holidays that will happen in December.  Our classrooms are becoming more and more diversified and we must not overlook other holidays that occur not only at this time of the year but during the other months of the year as well. Many times during the school year, I invite any of my Kindergarten parents to come into my classroom and share any family holiday or tradition that they have at their house. For many children this may be the only opportunity that they have for learning about holiday traditions from other cultures.   Young children are a captive audience and eager to learn about their friends and what they do at their homes.  If you have a holiday or tradition that your family celebrates, contact your child’s teacher to see if you can come into the classroom and talk to the children about your holiday. Kindergartners are good listeners and really enjoy when you bring in clothing, food, pictures, or items that represent your heritage or culture.  Let’s give ALL children something to learn about and what’s better than learning all about their Kindergarten friends and the holidays and traditions that they celebrate with their families.



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3 responses to “Ask If You Can Share Any Of Your Holiday Traditions With Your Child’s Kindergarten Class

  1. Great blog – in our ever increasing multi-cultural society, kids really need to hear about the rich traditions from all cultures!

  2. Erin

    I’d like to add to this, teachers need to remember that some students might celebrate more than one winter holiday within their diverse family.

    My daughter got a special assignment sheet titled “My Winter Holiday” to specifically be done with her family. In our family we celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas and I don’t feel comfortable with focusing on just one holiday, because we are teaching her that both holidays are important. So that sheet will be a overloaded mess as we try to jam double pictures/answers on it.

  3. kindergartenteacherclaire

    you are right about that, In classrooms now we do see children that are from varied backgrounds so a project like your daughters will have to inlcude several holidays

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