Every Letter, Every Sound, Every Day…Even After the First Quarter of Kindergarten

Kindergartners have been in school for 3 months now and the pace continues to be fast.  Most Kindergarten teachers go over all of the alphabet letters and sounds every day with the mantra of “every letter and every sound every day.”  Kindergartners are also supposed to be reviewing these alphabet letters and sounds every day.  Same mantra at home, “every letter and every sound every day.”  This homework sounds too easy and most parents think that their child now knows all of the letters and sounds so the daily review at home no longer needs to take place.  For the first quarter I asked my parents to keep the alphabet cards in order so that the child gained confidence in knowing what was coming next when working with his/her parent every day.  During the second quarter, I have asked the parents to shuffle the alphabet cards so that their child does not know which card is coming next, forcing them to think about what card they are looking at. Parents, just because your child appears to know all of the sounds and all of the letters it does not mean that all of these sounds are being carried over into his/her writing.  When you review the letters every day, pull out a letter randomly and ask your child to write a few words that start with that sound. Observe your child as he/she writes and you will notice that there is usually a difference between being able to call out the letters and sounds from the flash cards and being developmentally ready to carry over this information into their work. Learning to write is slow and involved and requires continual daily review of letters and sounds and some basic writing at home.  Together with your child’s teacher you will be able to lay the foundation needed for a child that loves to write and is successful at it.


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