Kindergartners Need To Know How to Properly Blow Their Nose

In my Kindergarten classroom there are tissue boxes on almost every available surface.  If the children are sitting on the carpet, the tissue box is near, if they are at centers, more tissues, by the sink, yes, more tissues, on the teacher’s desks, at the student small group work table and even at the time out table you will find a box of tissues. The trick is getting the children to use the tissues in the tissue box.  Somehow 5 year olds have learned that sleeves and hands are quicker, and in their way of thinking, do the same job as a tissue. Eew!  If they do use a tissue, most of my Kindergartners do not really blow their nose; they just tap it and hope that the situation will go away.  Children in Kindergarten need to know how to ‘blow’ their nose with a tissue.  I even have children who will dirty a tissue and then turn and try to pass the dirty tissue to me to dispose of…sorry, children I am not mom.  In Kindergarten you have to do some things on your own.  Teachers will help remind children to blow noses, but teaching this hygienic skill is not really part of our job.  Learning to properly blow a nose takes some practice and I found a few websites that give step by step directions in teaching your child to clean his/her nose all on his/her own.

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