Do Others Have Trouble Understanding Your Child’s Speech?

I have been home sick from school for a few days and have been watching some daytime TV.  Yesterday morning, a popular actress was on a talk show and was discussing her 5 year old daughter and her adorable speech problems.  Any Kindergarten teacher will tell you that struggling with speech issues is not adorable.  This can be very frustrating for a child when he/she has difficulty making themselves understood.  Without professional intervention, these children will have trouble learning letter sounds, learning to write and then learning to read.  Parents, listen closely when your child speaks, have you become accustomed to how your child talks?  Are there speech issues that should be addressed? Do friends, relatives, caregivers or teachers ask your child to repeat himself/herself, or ask you to translate what your child has said to them? Any Speech and Language Pathologists would be able to tell you if the speech difficulties that your child is experiencing are developmental or if early intervention is needed. Please  take a moment to read this article.

Speech and Language : Causes, Milestones and Suggestions

By Kimberly A. Powell, Ph.D.


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