Go Easy On All Of The Praising Of Your Child

Children in Kindergarten have been receiving praises since the day they were born. Parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, coaches and preschool teachers heap on the praises. Children who constantly hear how great, wonderful, special and smart they are start to think and act like they are better than others. Saying nice things to a child does build their self esteem and self confidence, but too much praising gives the child a false sense of entitlement that they should always be told such nice things. This becomes a problem when we overdue the praising. These same children sometimes also think that they are too smart for what is being taught in school and that they don’t have to listen to or follow the teacher’s directions. Parents I ask you to continue to have high expectations for your child, but please think about all of the praises that you give to your child on a daily, hourly, or minute by minute basis. When you see work that you know is not his/her best work it is your job to tell him/her that. No person is perfect all of the time and children need to know that applies to them as well and it is their job to try and do their best and if mistakes happen try again and make it better.



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3 responses to “Go Easy On All Of The Praising Of Your Child

  1. Kanchana

    This is such a valuable piece of advice. When kids grow up thinking that they are just perfect the smallest disappointment becomes difficult for them to handle.Praising kids is fine but occasional constructive “criticism” helps kids stay on a even keel.

    Love your blog.

  2. the snow falling across the page is annoying, mother. but also i liked this post. (not the criticism and praise. just trying to keep you balanced)

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