Clean Out The Old Toys Before The Holidays Bring New Toys

Many children are preparing for the arrival of more toys sometime during the month of December.  There are holidays that are coming just around the corner and usually children will be receiving toys as presents.  You might have your child go through his/her toys, and give them a good hard look to see if they are still in use at your house.  Children think that they need everything that they have, but if you look closely, you will see that some toys may be broken,  have missing pieces or have simply been put to the side and not played with anymore.  As you are trying to think of activities to entertain your child this month, you might mention to them that new toys for them cannot come into your house unless the toys that you already have are being properly taken care of. Your child is old enough to take responsibility for his/her own toys and should be able to properly take care of them on a daily basis, not just when special holidays are coming.  This is a good month for your child to sort through and clean up his/her toys and decide what is to be kept, what is to be given away or what can be put into recycling. It should be easy to decide upon the toys that your child has outgrown and if at all possible this is a perfect month to take the gently used toys to a local charity in the hopes that they might be used again in another child’s home.


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One response to “Clean Out The Old Toys Before The Holidays Bring New Toys

  1. Courtney

    We are doing this with the girls this year but we are telling them that we are going to leave them for Santa along with cookies. He will take the toys back to his workshop to fix and clean them up. Then he will deliver them to the children who’s parents can’t buy them toys along with the toys he is bringing them. Kate seems to like the idea. (I got this idea from a website…not my own :O)

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